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Double NPD: little big muff and DD-500

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2016 5:46 pm    Post subject: Double NPD: little big muff and DD-500 Reply with quote

It's been a while...I hope you're all doing okay.

I did a shedload of overtime and found myself with a bit of money for a change. Since LBMs are only fifty-ish quid each atm, I picked one up to see how it compares to my Triangle clone and MBM IC versions. I had a 'big box' reissue ages ago but sold it on to someone on here, because I didn't like the board footprint or the sound.

For an EHX reissue, it's actually pretty good. I was expecting it to be choked, buzzy and useless but unless my tastes (and choices of amp) have changed, EHX must've done something to the circuit because it doesn't sound quite how I remember my old NYC RI muff sounded. It's thicker and darker with more gain than the Triangle and can't do palm muting, and doesn't have the midrange-y bite of the IC either, but it's a fun thing to have.

The DD-500 though. Oh boy. I'm still getting to grips with the menus and such, because there's SO MUCH tweakability in this thing. MIDI ins and outs, various types of presets...the main reason I got it was because you can set the delay times in ms or bpm, which is a huge help when recording, and the fact that it has settings for a Space Echo, analogue and DD-2 (==DD-3) modes. The best part really is that it takes up the same amount of board space as my RE-20 did, but can emulate that plus every other delay/echo pedal I've ever wanted. Any shortcomings in the "it doesn't sound *quite* like the pedal that this setting is emulating..." department (which are pretty debateable to begin with) are countered by the sheer convenience of the thing - I have literally no other delays on my board any more except my PS-2, but who knows? Maybe it could do that as well with a bit of tweaking.

270 is A LOT for a pedal (I've played through amps that cost less than that), but it can do a lot. I sort of talked myself into it, because I don't have a reasonable excuse to buy another delay now. Laughing
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