3way Toggle Switch Repair

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Cure That Stick!

Electric guitar players love options. From amps to effects to the simple ability to change pickups, it's great to have those choices at the flick of your foot or wrist. Few things can be as frustrating as a breakdown in that chain of mechanics and electronics. In yet another Aug inspired demonstration, you will see how to maintain a three-way toggle switch on your favorite axe.

Step 1: The Dirt

Here we go...

To provide the clearest pics possible, I de-wired this switch...but, the mod stays the same.

It's very straight-forward and simple. Good luck!

Well, here's our dirty 3-way enclosed toggle. (after removing from pickguard of the guitar)


Step 2: Get in There!

Ordinarily, I'll use a pair of needle-nose pliers to pull the tabs holding the switch together, but this little pain in the butt required wire-cutters to get under the tab, to pull it up. Also, make sure your switch stays in the center position...


Here, I moved the switch back and forth to get a good look at the grease buildup...it has migrated towards the connectors, which is fine, as this isn't where the electrical connection is made...


Step 3: Wipe it Down

You see where the metal tabs are touching one another? You'll want to clean inside those areas.


The grease you see here is from the toggle. It's not terribly important to clean off, but you can if you wish. I did.


Here the toggle has been moved back to the center position, so that I can now put this switch back together.


Step 4: Getting Back Together

The metal used for the casing was quite belligerent, so I had to break out the bigger pliers...


And now, you are done.


Friendly Advice

As a sidenote, you may want to wash your hands, as there is probably a good amount of Acid Flux on your hands from the connectors. Believe me, after about 5 minutes, it starts to sting.


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