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Leo Fender Fender logo

Clarence Leonidas Fender was born on August 10th 1909 in a barn between Anaheim and Fullerton, California. By the time he graduated from high school in 1928, he was hooked on electronics. He had an amateur "ham" radio station called W-6-DOE and was already building amplifiers and P.A systems, which he rented to dance bands, political rallies, baseball games and entertainment events.

The business in question was a local store called Fender's Radio service. In no time at all, the business blossomed, requiring a change of address. Leo started selling phonograph records on the premises as a sideline, but it was his knowledge of electronics that really got things moving for him. Soon, musicians started bringing their amplifiers for him to repair and the more he worked on them, the more he became interested in musical instrument amplification. In the early 1940's, Leo Fender and an associate, Doc Kauffman built a record player with a record changer mechanism so precise that it was displayed, fully operational, in the shop window 24 hours a day. This success led the pair to their next project, which would eventually make music history.

And later,Leo had really become dedicated to working with electric guitars and amplifiers. Doc had decided (unwisely) that there was no future in electric guitars and left the business in 1946, leaving Fender to go it alone. Now that Leo was the sole owner of the operation, he renamed it the FenderĀ® Electric Instrument Co. And the rest is history.


Leo's First

In 1950, Leo Fender designed the 1st ever solid body guitar. And it was named Fender Broadcaster. But later, a New York drum company, Gretsch claimed that the Broadkaster was already on their drums. So Leo had no choice but to change it. At first, Leo just get rid of the Broadcaster decal and just leave the Fender on the headstock. And these Fenders are known now to collecters as Fender Nocaster. But a few months later, Leo decided to put Telecaster as the name of the guitar that untill now is still up and running.

The Broadcaster headstock

Nocaster RI

Index of Fender Guitars

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Fender Starcaster

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