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Oh Yes, We Can Play, Too

If shortscale guitars are the animal behind this site, then music is the blood in its veins. Most of the membership are accomplished, talented songwriters and musicians, so from time to time, we like to showcase a cross-section of what we're made of. Below are collections of songs recorded and submitted by members/contributors and compiled by Doog. Play 'em loud, play 'em proud.

Shortscale Compilation 2006

click above to download

1) Undone (Weezer cover) - Combo Like Rambo (More Cowbell, Hurb & Bob)

2) Mean To Me - Sell Crazy (Mike)

3) Afloat - Gabe

4) Force Action Shitstorm - Icebytes/ECMU (Cowbell, Sloan, theshadowofseattle, Billy3000)

5) For All The Cows (Foo Fighters cover) - CGNU (Bob)

6) Trew Girls Just Wanna Timebob - Ultratwin

7) Bombshelter - Saturday's Child (Dots, St. Jimmy)

8) Butterfly - Pencilpen (Penpen)

9) No Caps (Hurb Cover) - More Cowbell

10) O SNAP - Sloan & Co

11) Autumn Sweater - Combo Like Rambo (More Cowbell, Hurb & Bob)

12) Northern Wish (Rheostatics cover) - The Octoberists (Ludger)

13) Divided - Tremlock

14) Holiday (Weezer cover) - Doog

15) No Quarter (Led Zepplin cover) - Aen

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