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In the 80's, Japanese-made Fender guitars was exported to Europe and elsewhere using the Squier brand. The name was borrowed from a string maker V.C Squier of Michigan, that Fender had aquaired in the 60's. Fender's policy was that the Squier brand should fill for the low end side. In that sense it would be able to cover the expanding guitar market. The Squier logo appeared on number of Fender guitar model with a small but important line that says "by Fender".

Squier Tele

Squier guitars

Fender had established its Fender Japan operation in the Fujigen Factory. The factory produced Fender guitar for the Japanese market and also Fender and Squier brand for general export. This is the time back in the US, the selling deal of Fender by CBS just took placed but the factory wasn't in the deal. So Fender guitar mostly built in Japan at that time.But due to production cost, the Squier brand was moved to Korea in 1985 and then to India (for a short time) in the late '80s. And nowadays, Squier is being built in China and also Indonesia. Most of them are Stratocaster and Telecaster from the Standard, Afinity and California Series.

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