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Fender Telecaster

The Fender Telecaster is the longest-running solid electric guitar still in production, a brilliantly simple piece of design which works as well today as it did when it was first introduced in 1951.

The Telecaster was Fender's original Broadcaster electric guitar. The company was forced to change it when Gretsch claimed prior rights to the name. But Leo Fender and is small workforce in Fullerton, California must have been delighted with the new Telecaster name, is thoroughly modern reference to the emerging medium of television just right for an equally innovative device like the Telecaster, the first commercially marketed solid body electric guitar.

The Telecaster usually referred to as 'Tele" is known for its bright, cutting tone, and straightforward operation. The guitar has been used by also sorts of players from all musical backgrounds. The guitar is able to emulate steel guitar sounds and is used to a great extent in country music. Blues players such as Albert Collins have also used the Telecaster in his music.

The secret to the Telecaster sound lies on the bridge. The strings pass through the body and are anchored at the back by six ferrules, giving solidity and sustain to the resulting sound. A slanting-back pickup is incorporated into the bridge, enhancing the guitars treble tone. The Telecaster should continue to survive due to its simplicity, effectiveness and versatility.


Telecaster's Catalog

This is the list of Teles that Fender advertised in their 2006 Fender Frontline.

60th Ann. Tele

60th Aniversary Telecaster
  • 3 tone sunburst alder body with '52 style body radius.
  • maple neck with rolled rosewood fingerdoard.
  • AV '52 Tele pickup
  • American Series specs

Custom Shop Telecaster

Merle Haggard Tele

Merle Haggard Tribute Telecaster
  • modified 2 colour sunburst Tele Thinline alder body
  • maple center block with set neck
  • gold hardware
  • Texas Speacial pickup with custom 4-way switching

J5 Bigsby

J5:Bigsby Telecaster
  • ash body with black finish
  • Bigsby Lic. vibrato system
  • Seymour Duncan Hotrails Humbucker (bridge) with Custom Shop Twisted Tele (neck)


  • black finished double bound ash body
  • with a maple neck with custom 3-a-side headstock
  • Fender US Enforcer (bridge) and a Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickup (neck)
  • with a Gibson style 3-way switch

51 Nocaster

Time Machine '51 Nocaster
  • nitro ash body with vintage 'U'-shape one piece maple neck
  • single ply black pickguard
  • all original details
  • Custom Shop '51 Nocaster pickup
  • vintage bridge with ashtray bridge cover

63 Telecaster

Time Machine '63 Telecaster
  • nitrocellulose lacquer alder body
  • a 'C'-shape maple neck with a rosewood fretboard
  • 3-ply w/b/w pickguard
  • original '63 pickup spec

Tele Thinline

Time Machine Tele Thinline
  • nitro alder body with f holes
  • one piece maple neck
  • vintage bridge with custom wound pickup

Time Machine '67 Telecaster
  • nitro cellulose lacquer alder body
  • a 'C'-shape maple neck with round laminated rosewood or maple fingerboard
  • 'F' tuning head
  • custom wound pickup
  • grooved steel saddles and a 'Top Hat' switch tip

Custom Classic Tele

Custom Classic Telecaster
  • a premium ash body with a thin-finished body
  • lightly figured maple with rosewood/maple fingerboard
  • 22 medium jumbo frets
  • Fender die-cast tuners
  • CS Twisted Tele neck pickup and a classic Tele bridge pickup
  • 3-ply parchment pickguard with a reverse control plate
  • speacial 4-way switching

Flathead Tele

Flat Head Telecaster
  • flat front alder body with a speacial back contour
  • EMG 81 at the bridge and a EMG 60 on the neck
  • a maple neck with ebony rosewood
  • with a custom 'Crossed Pistons' inlay on the 12yh fret

Artist Series

James Burton Flame Tele

James Burton Flame Telecaster
  • a poplar Tele body
  • 60's 'U'-shape maple neck
  • 3 speacial James Burton pickup
  • 5-way Strat-O-Tele switching

James Burton Standard Tele

James Burton Standard Telecaster
  • alder body
  • one piece maple neck
  • Texas Speacial pickup
  • special six-saddle bridge

Muddy Waters Tele

Muddy Waters Telecaster
  • 50's era ash body
  • 60's 'C'-shape maple neck
  • chrome dome knobs replaed with vintage amp control knob

American Deluxe

FMT Tele

FMT, QMT Telecaster
  • flame or quilt maple top
  • modern 'C'-shape ebone neck with rosewood fingerboard
  • two humbucking pickup
  • S1 swicthing
  • American Tele hardtail bridge
  • 22 medium jumbo frets

SCN Tele pickup

American Deluxe Ash Telecaster

Ash Telecaster
  • '52 ash body
  • one piece 'U'-shape maple neck with vintage tint
  • abalone dot inlays
  • Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickup
  • S1 switching
  • chromed stainless steel bridge with chromed plated solid brass saddles for better sustain

American Deluxe Tele

  • bound alder body
  • modern 'C' maple neck with abalone dot inlays
  • satin finish and 22 medium jumbo frets
  • SCN with S1 switching

American Vintage

AV Telecaster

'52 Telecaster
  • '52 premium ash Tele body
  • one piece 'U' maple neck with 7.25" radius fretboard
  • American Vintage Tele single coil pickup
  • brass saddle and a vintage bridge
  • ashtray bridge cover for the vintage vibe
  • single ply pickguard

'62 Custom Telecaster
  • double bound alder body with multiply pickguard
  • 'C'-shape maple neck with 7.25" radius
  • rosewood fretboard
  • '62 custom Tele pickups with original circuitry

American Series

American Ash

Ash Telecaster
  • premium '52 ash body
  • 'U'-shape maple neck with 9.5" radius
  • vintage spec pickups and a 3-way switch

American Tele

  • alder/swamp ash body with original body radius
  • parchment pickguard
  • maple neck with maple/rosewwod fingerboard

Highway One

H1 Texas Telecaster

Texas/Highway 1 Telecaster
  • alder/ash body with low gloss, satin finish
  • maple neck
  • vintage bridge
  • Hot Vintage Texas pickups for the Texas Tele

Classic Series

50's Tele 60's Tele

50's, 60's Telecaster
  • ash body with maple neck (50's)
  • alder body with a maple neck paired with a rosewood fingerboard(60's)
  • alnico Tele pickup

Tele Thinline

Tele Thinline
  • alder/ash body with f sound hole
  • vintage spec maple neck
  • with vintage hardware

Telecaster Deluxe

Telecaster Deluxe
  • alder body
  • maple neck with a 70's era Stratocaster headstock
  • bullet end truss rod adjuster
  • Wide Range Fender humbucking pickup


Nashville Tele

Nashville/Power Telecaster
  • ash/alder dody
  • maple neck with fretboard options of maple or rosewwod
  • vintage hardware
  • a Tex-Mex Strat in between two Tex-Mex Tele pickups
  • Fender/Fishman Power Bridge with six piezo transducer bridge pickup

Special Edition

Koa Telecaster

Koa Telecaster
  • basswood body with a koa veneer top
  • birds-eye maple neck with rosewwod fimgerboard
  • Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro pickup
  • vintage-style bridge with brass saddles

Lite Ash Tele

Lite Ash Telecaster
  • lite ash body
  • birds-eye maple with abalone inlays
  • Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro2 Staggered pickups
  • vintage-style bridge


Standard Telecaster

  • alder body
  • fast action maple neck
  • hotter single coil Tele pickup
  • medium jumbo frets
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