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About Fran

Fran ACFuzz aka Fran (age 35) hails from a small insular town just outside of Nottingham in the UK. He lives with his girlfriend Kathie Anne and his Fender guitars in a splendid post victorian house. A carpenter by day and musician by night, he has played guitar for 16 years spending much of that time in gigging bands such as 'Anti-Social Dog', 'Primary', 'Kitsch' and 'Poem Rocket' to name a few. His main hobbies are listening to music, playing music and offsets. He also likes to have a 'tipple' the odd evening and chat nonsense to the other shortscalers' on the forum. aye, respect the chops!

He is also a guitar FX addict with a compulsive disorder to buy, sell, swap, modify and trade. Once the proud owner of 15 different Fuzz pedals his collection has now dwindled down to a handfull including his Germanium Fuzz Face clone that he built himself.

The music

His musical influences cover a broad spectrum, from indie to metal and punk to 60's psychedelia he finds something interesting as a guitarist. In no particular order here is a small list of his favourate all-time bands:

The Jesus & Mary Chain

Dinosaur Jr Bad Brains, Dr Know on the far left is one of the favourate guitarist's.

The Stooges

The Smiths

Peter & The Test Tube Babies

My Bloody Valentine

Black Sabbath

The Stone Roses

Bad Brains



Black Flag


'Bites Dog' using Gibbo LP Junior

Frans links:

Bites Dog Current punk band

Poem Rocket Previous indie rock band

Youtube tom foolery Various video clips dedicated to offsets

Most of the bands he has played in have been either indie/alternative or punk. Happy with ambient excessive FX use like Kevin Shields (MBV) or rawking it up like Dr Know (Bad Brains), two major influences.

The offsets

In the studio with the Jag

His love of Fenders finest began around the late 1980's after seeing such bands as- 'My Bloody Valentine', 'Dinosaur Jr' and 'Sonic Youth' play live. Them odd shape Fenders looked amazing on these equally amazing new bands and it has been love ever since!

Here are a few of the guitars in his current collection...

Modified 1976 Fender Musicmaster

teH kuRdtz

upgraded CIJ Fender Jaguar

My CIJ Jag now also has the Fender 'mute' fitted, SD QP in bridge, a B/W/B pickguard and buzzstop.

'Relicd' CIJ Fender Jazzmaster

The Jazzy has also been upgraded with a SD QP pup and mint pickguard.



The darkside...

Gibson Les Paul Junior Lite

Over the years Fran has owned many different guitars from Ibanez to Patrick Eggle, but besides the Fenders only one other guitar has become as important- the Gibson Les Paul Junior. This guitar shares similarities with Fenders shortscales. Firstly it was intended as a budget student guitar with a small comfortable neck and a 'no frills' workhorse aura about it. Secondly it appealed to an alternative crowd as far as bands go gaining it cult status.

Anyone that has owned a LP Junior will know, it is a relationship for life.

Fran's Junior's

His contribution to this site is the Fender Jaguar page.

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