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==Aug== Aug loungin' at Dot's b-day party



Aug's Shortscale Guitars


1964 Fender Mustang 22.5" I found this guitar in the Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks, CA. It was hanging up with a few other vintage Fenders, and was labeled a 1965 Blonde Fender Mustang. No one seemed to notice the scale, and the guitar had never been taken apart, not even for the purpose of dating. Needless to say, this guitar is neither a 1965 nor is it blonde. After taking about 30 close-up photos, I contacted Tim Pershing (*the* go-to guy regarding Fender shortscales), and he finally ascertained it's approximate date as 1964. The neck is an "A" width, 22.5" maple with a brazilian rosewood fretboard with clay dots and has the original Kluson Deluxe tuners with the white plastic buttons. The ink stamp on the heel states, "9SEP 64 A."

The body is poplar and was shot with Olympic White. The tremolo is 1964, as it has no "®" behind the "Fender". The pots and pickups, however are dated 1965, but Tim Pershing assured me that it was common practice to use older and newer parts to build these guitars. This guitar is still in 100% original condition and is valued somewhere in the neighborhood of $2500-2800 US Dollars.


1970's Fender Bronco - restored I bought this 24" scale guitar from dodgedartdave (a member of the forum) earlier this year. He purchased the neck and body seperately and had intended on a restoration. One thing led to another, and I ended up with the project. Using paint from reranch, I shot this thing in Vintage Olympic White. I made the pickguard myself from Vintage Red Tortoise purchased from, and the knobs I robbed from a vintage '69 Fender Libra 4x12 amp (that I have since sold to jagermeister from the boards.) The wiring was simple and straight forward, and I installed 500k volume and tone pots. The bridge is NOS and I've since sold the guitar to Blazing420ChronicSkunk from the forums.


Fender Duo Sonic - MIM This "Made In Mexico" Reissue Duo Sonic was purchased from aen (forum user) who had previously purchased it from Sloan. The guitar came to me with a chopped up pickguard, a no-name black humbucker and a no-name single coil. The finish on both the body and neck were fine, so no refinish was necessary, (although I may do so in the future.) The 22.7" maple neck with maple fretboard is just lovely to the touch, and came with F-key style tuners from Gotoh that are mostly installed on Epiphones. The bridge is hardtail and has the 3 saddles, with grub-screw adjustments. I made a new White/Black/White pickguard and installed a new 3-way switch, Robroe covers and 2 new Seymour Duncan Great White Snarks pickups.


1996 Fender Jag-Stang Teh Jag-Stang. *sigh*. Serial number V 004490, this is one of the very first to come off the production line. I bought this guitar from the same Guitar Center I bought the Mustang. I won't get into the whole story about how I bought it, but once I got it home, this guitar needed a setup in the worst way. Buying this guitar, and wanting to know more about it, led me to the forums, und-hence, Alot of folks bitch and moan about the js being an "unfinished" guitar, and I tell them all they need is a proper setup. The general craftmanship isn't really the issue, with this guitar, it's the quality of materials used. The only thing I suggest changing with this guitar is the plastic nut to a quality bone nut. All other changes are at your discretion.

Speaking of changes, I've recently changed all the wiring, pickups, pickguard, pots, capacitor and installed proper copper shielding. The difference in sound is staggering.

Other Guitars

1968 Gibson 12-string, Model #B25-12N Ovation 12-string, MIK 1980 Ovation Acoustic/Electric 6-string 2004 Yamaha bass refin'd in Surf Green


Guitar Wish List

  • 1962 Fender Jazzmaster
  • 1965 Fender Jaguar
  • 1960's Mosrite Gospel
  • Martin Auditorium Acoustic
  • and more Mustangs!
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