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I'm some guy who play music on the south coast of England. I play with a bunch of bands, play a bunch of instruments and have written a bunch of songs. I want to be a fireman when I grow up and I once saw a bear. It's part of the mirror, not a pirate earring


Doog's Music

Weevil Knievel- Geeky rock-pop-rock-surf-rock via Pavement, Pixies, Weezer and Beach Boys

Casa Bonita - Guitar/drum quirk-noise-math-rock-pop duo, sounds like Lightning Bolt making out with Primus

Doog - Ongoing solo project, on the backburner while real, fulfilling bands occupy Doog's time. Frank Black/Pixies, Stephen Malkmus/Pavement, Beck, Grandaddy, Eels and a bunch of other bands inspire this un.

Caution Horses - Shouty jerky dancey rock, once described as "the Dead Kennedys fisting Franz Ferdinand". I just play bass and do minimal b.vox, but it's awesomefun.

I've also played bass and sang 2nd vocal in southern DIY math-rock heroes the Illuminati 3, fronted a Pixies cover band and even played drums and sang back up in poorly named pop/rock covers band Flavors.


Weapons Of Ass Destruction MIM Fender Jazz Bass

Yamaha APX-6 electro-acoustic (replaced preamp)

1980's Fender Contemporary Telecaster (original burgundy mist metallic, refinished in off-white)

CIJ Fender Jazzmaster (Mustang bridge, Seymour Duncan 'Vintage' bridge pickup, Buzzstop)

Mongrel Stratocaster (Squier Jagmaster neck, MIK Squier body and tuners, Mighty Mite loaded scratchplate, neck pickup "on" switch added)


Current Weevil Knievel pedalboard

Korg DT10 stage tuner

Vesta Fire MDX digital delay with modulation

George Dennis Tremolo

Nobels ODR-S overdrive (generally used as a solo boost)

Pro Co RAT2 distortion (modded with Ruetz mod-stock-and-beyond dial)

Boss PS-5 Super Shifter pitchshifter/harmoniser/noisemaker, w/Alesis F2 exp. pedal

EBS Octabass octaver

Tokai Metaldriver overdrive (paint stripped to metal, footswitch replaced, generally hacked up)


Behold its majesty Marshall JCM2000 DSL50 head (running EL34Ls for more headroom)

Marshall JCM900 1936 2x12 cabinet

Laney World Series 120w solidstate head (a damn fine sounding SS amp, backup for Marshall)

Peavey 1x15 bass cab (currently loaded with some crappy, cheap 15" driver I got off eBay that breaks up far too fast. Part of the frankenstein bass rig at the practise space.)

Bands I Dig

Arcade Fire, Alphabet Army, Aphex Twin

Beach Boys, Beatles, Beach Buggy, Beck, Blur, Ben Folds /5, Ben Kweller, Bilge Pump, Breeders, Brian Wilson, Buckethead, Built To Spill

Charlotte Hatherley, Country Teasers

David Byrne, Dead Kennedys, Devo, Do Make Say Think, Dinosaur Jr


Frank Black, Fugazi

Grandaddy, Graham Coxon, Green Day (old), Guided By Voices

Husker Du

Iron & Wine

Kate Bush, Kerbdog, Kill Kenada, Kings Leon, King Crimson, Kvetoslav Dolejsi

Lightning Bolt

Melt Banana, MC Honky, Manic Street Preachers, Mclusky, Melvins, Mike Keneally, Miniband, Mr Scruff, My Bloody Valentine

Nada Surf, Neptune, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nine Black Alps, Nirvana

Pavement, Philip Glass, Pixies, Polysics, Presidents Of The USA, Primus

Queens Of The Stone Age

Radiohead, Radish

Sean Lennon, Sheryl Crow, Soulwax, Soundgarden, Sparklehorse, Stephen Malkmus, Sublime, Sufjan Stevens, Super Furry Animals, Superchunk, Sweaty Kids

Talking Heads, The Secret Hairdresser, The Anix


Weezer, Wheelers

Xiu Xiu

Yo La Tengo

..but I'll pretty much listen to and enjoy anything (classical, world, jazz..)

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