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Knowing Me, Knowing... Me

I'm a 30 yr old human male currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland. I spend most of my free time in bed reading, or here at I'm actually quite rubbish at playing guitar and can't play lead to save myself. I occasionally try and learn scales/ music theory and stuff, but I quickly feel sleepy and go back to scratching myself and staring into the middle distance. I'd say my guitar hero is Jonny Greenwood, but that nonce hardly plays guitar anymore.



Fender Jaguar 1966 Re-Issue

Fender Jaguar Imported from Japan

  • 24" Scale 1-piece Maple "C" Shape Neck
  • Width at nut is 1.650” (41 mm)
  • 7.5" Radius Rosewood Fretboard
  • 22 Vintage Style Frets
  • 2 Fender (Japan) Jaguar Singlecoil Pickups
  • Has pearl block inlays and white neck binding.
  • Large CBS Style Headstock
  • The colour is 'Old Candy Apple Red' (OCR)

This is my pride & joy. I got it in 2005 (I think). I imported it from Japan and I love it. It plays really nice, sounds really nice and looks amazing.

Telecaster Rip Off

Gear4music Tele Made by unknown company, branded as Gear4music by

  • Maple neck and fingerboard.
  • 25.5" Scale.
  • Probably 12" Radius.
  • Kent Armstrong Hum-sized P90 neck p/up. (replacement)
  • Kent Armstrong High Output Single Coil bridge p/u.(replacement)
  • Volume and Tone Control as standard Tele.
  • Top loading Tele bridge.

I got this thing from the gear4music website for only £60 delivered. It's not a great guitar obviously because of it's cheapness, but after replacing the p/ups and setting it up with 11s, I like it a lot now. When I first got it I thought it was a bit shit, but that was mainly because I had it strung with 9s, thinking that the 11s I usually use would kill my fingers on the 25.5" neck. I was wrong. It plays way better with the 11s and it didn't take me long to get used to the extra tension. Had the shitty stock nut replaced. It made a massive improvement to the sound and a fair improvement to the playability. Lately I've been thinking of re-finishing it in white with matching headstock, but I fear that my re-fin skills would ruin it and I don't want to spend the money getting someone to do it for me.


  • EHX Little Big Muff
  • Behringer UT100 Tremolo
  • Behringer TU100 Chromatic Tuner
  • Behringer DM100 Distortion modeller
  • Dunlop Crybaby Wah
  • MBM Fuzzface
  • Behringer DD400


Epiphone Valve Jr Combo

Valve Jr

  • 1 Volume
  • On/Off Switch
  • Modded to include: Gain Switch, Bright Switch, Standby Switch and Master Volume.
  • 8" Speaker
  • 5W
  • Single ended Class A

I modded it, as you can see in the pic, to include a master Volume, Gain Switch, Bright Switch and a Standby Switch. I got mod kits off of eBay to do the work and I just (badly) soldered them in and drilled some holes for the knobs and switches. I don't need anything louder than 5W of tube power 'cause I don't play outside of my bedroom. I liked it before the mod's but now I love it. The only thing that bothers me is that I bought one of the early one's and as such it hums quite a lot. The newer one's have a different circuit which cuts out the hum.


Yamaha PSR-220

Yamaha PSR-220

It's an alright keyboard from what I can tell. I just bought it as a MIDI controller to make it easier to do drums and maybe to add little bits of stuff to my recordings. For a little while I tried learning how to play it properly, but it was harder than I thought so I gave up. I have since sold my external audio card and so I left it at a mate's house, who said he wanted to learn keyboard but never did.

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