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Hello shortscale and everyone else...I have nothing to say about myself right now, Iam that intresting! So check out my guitars instead.

Hurbs Guitars

A few of Hurbs guitars


Fender Jazzuar

Info on this heavily modded jaguar coming soon.The Jazzuar outside


Paisley Jazzmaster

Is no more. Info comeing soon !

Maple neck Jazzmaster

Picture of the guitar from the ebay listing. I bought this Jazz of ebay for around £150. It was not a real fender in the slightest. I replaced the neck with an Allparts maple neck that had already been reliced. Added white button Kluson tuners. Replaced the trem with a real vintage 60s fender trem. Added a mustang bridge. Refinished it(twice! i messed up the first time). Added strap locks, and some hurb custom white witch hat knobs! The pickups i have never changed as they sound good to me, There is a single coil in the bridge and a Jazzmaster pickup in the neck.

Blue Maple neck Jazzmaster(And a girly pink pillow)


Fender 1964 Duo-Sonic

1964 Duo-sonic(And Hurbs toe!) Not alot done to This by me...Added strap locks, And some tele compensated saddles to improve intonation. The guitar was another ebay buy! And is basicaly stock/orginal apart from a refin by the last owner.


Yamaha SGV 300

I'm very impressed with this guitar. Despite alot of reviews stating it can't keep tune, I have found it to be very stable. The tremlo is a work of art! And is probably my favourite tremlo. The pickups handle dirt pedals well.

The only mod i have done is to add strap locks. I have no plans to do any more mods to this guitar. See this yamaha SGV page for more info.Hurbs Yamaha out the box!



Mexican Duo-Sonic

Guyatone mosrite copy

Now belongs to NickD from the forum :( 200px

Danelectro 59DC

Neat little guitar, lots of fun.200px

Hurbs amp

Hurbs Pedals

Hurb loves pedals, Because it makes him a better player ...not! But they do sond kool. Hurb is always changeing what stays on his board. At the moment there is...

akai headrush Kool looper pedal. Hope to get the new Boss rc-2 when it comes out.

Moogerfooger Ring mod Curently the worlds most exspensive tremlo!!..But will be replaced by a tremlo that forum member PenPen is makeing for hurb. Then i can get back to ring mod madness.

Vestax MDX digital Delay The most awesome and famous pedal on shortscale..Everyone wants one!

Boss ps-5 Super Shifter Makes weird wooooeee noises.

ZVEX Fuzz Factory Matt Bellamy copied me!! True story.

Zoom Ultra Fuzz Used as more of a light dirt box than a fuzz at the moment. Once belonged to forum user Doog

Guyatone CHOR Old pedal. Mostly used on the vibrato setting.

Electro Harmonix PolyChorus Best pedal ever? Possibly.

Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive thats always on. Part of Hurbs awesome tone.

Digitech Expression Factory EX-7 Everyone needs one. Amazeing pedal.

Home made FX loop pedal Inclosed in a Marshall pedal. Keeps the EX-7 out of the loop to make switching easier.

All the pedals are connected with George ls cables. There great make your own cables. Sound great. But mainly i use them because mike told me to.

Most of my pedals are powered by my Diago PowerStation.

My board is also made by Diago...Hopefully if i plug james company anuff. He will start sending me free stuff!

Diago Tourman Pedalboard from

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