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Im a musician from Luton in the UK. Play both in a band and solo. I Joined around 1999-2000 when I was looking to buy a new guitar. I then reluctantly (at first) followed the trewth squad into purgatory during the takeover, which resulted in my place at I was then given responsibility to moderate the 'whorehouse', where people can plug their gigs, ebay auctions etc. I was then moved up to be part of the moderation team of the whole board, which I enjoy very much.


Louis' Music

The Scales - Band Ive been in for ages. played all over the country more or less. add us if you like.

My personal myspace - Got a video on there and am trying to get some songs on there.


(I am left handed, so I'll specify which are rightys turned upside down)

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II(turned upside down - Baught this for about £450 from my local guitar shop. Has lovely tone on both bridge and neck pickups although they sound completely different as I messed around with them a bit. Ive taken the knobs off of the bridge circit as I kept knocking them with my arm while playing.

Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

Fender Jaguar (MIJ, turned upside down) - Got a good deal on this one aswell. I only paid £420 for it as, again my local guitar shop was having a sale on them. Because of the shape of the guitar, I had to move the straplock on the upper horn to sit next to sit behind the neck. Again, you can get some really nice sounds out of this guitar.

Fender Jaguar

Fender Jag-stang (left handed) - Me getting this guitar really is a story of blood sweat and tears, which I wont bore you with now. I got some money and me and my dad went to Denmark St in London (Andy's vintage guitars to be specific). This was priced at £999 which is obscene! luckily we knocked them down to around £530 and they even threw in a cool T-shirt! Ive put a seymore duncan JB in the bridge, but sadly this guitar barely gets touched anymore.

Fender Jag-stang

Watson Rapier 33 (left handed) - I baught this guitar off of ebay on a whim, however after reading up on the company history I sort of fell in love with it. When it arrived It was in very bad shape. It was resprayed (very badly) in black and the wood was bubbling. I re-sprayed it in what was orignally going to be glacier white, which came out sort of creamy.

Watson Rapier 33

Stagg Telecaster (left handed) - Another impulse buy. I sprayed the pickguard from white to black, but unfortunately it didnt help the sound much. Eventually I smashed this guitar at a gig at the Shed in Leicester.......which was fun. Tele with Legend Andy Sizmur Tele RIP

Peavey raptor plus (left handed) - My first guitar. I still have it but a lot of the parts have gone. works though.

Pedals and effects

I wont bore you with pictures of these, but here is what I use in no particular order:

- Digitech Whammy

- Boss Blues Driver

- ElectroHarmonix Russian Big Muff

- Boss Super Feedbacker and Distortian

- Behringer Tremolo

- Boss Super Chorus


I own two amplifiers:

Fender Performer 1000 - Got this bad boy from ebay for £150 and it was cool for a while. REALLY REALLY loud. I couldn't put it past 1 1/2 inside the house because the walls shook. The only problem is that the soldering is so old that its started to do some crazy stuff. I really love the reverb on this amp though

VOX AD-50VT - Yeah I'm not rich enough for an AC-30, but this suits me fine. Got this for £195 with the footswitch because I lied to the shop. Anyway, this amp has more or less anything you could possibly want. You can adjust the wattage on the back of the amp from 5w to 50w, which I use as a volume control. This amp also comes in 15,30 and 100 watt versions.

Above = Vox, Below = Fender


Heres a couple of links to places mentioned earlier.

CODA MUSIC - My local guitar shop in Luton. They'll treat you right in there

Andy's guitars - Got my Jag-stang there. Its not as good anymore but you can still find some interesting stuff there.

The Shed (Leicester) - Nice venue!

and a quick mention to:

Vandalism begins at home - Local music scene for Luton. Although not many like me on there anymore...fuck em'.

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