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Active member of the Shortscale community since the Morlanic Oppression. He is a music lover of all genre and styles. He plays guitar in the post hardcore band Exploder, launching a Short Scaled assault on the skatepark scene with face melting guitar solos while making a face like it hurts. He has been know to drop science from time to time but is mostly full of it and can never be taken seriously. Most famous for his Treason against the American Patriots of for aiding fellow member Doog in the purchase and shipment of a Boss PS-5 pedal to the UK. Has been quoted as having "mad skillz" by forum members for his ever lasting guitar projects.


thumb thumb 1969 Fender Bronco

Refinished in Dupli-color light blue metallic. Aug custom mint pickguard, JBjr. pickup, Original Neck, F tuners and Bridge.

thumb thumb 1964 Fender Mustang

Refinished in Olympic White.

thumb thumb Warmoth Jag-Stang

Inca Silver, TOM bridge, JB Humbucker (bridge) Jazz Model Humbucker (neck), KOA neck, Ebony Fret Board, Swamp Ash Body, Locking Tuners, LSR roller Nut

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