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Rob Roe lives in Tonawanda NY, right down the street from Buffalo. Rob Roe lives with his wife Hilary Roe and has collected himself many shortscales over the years. He's got himself a singing cat named Baby Kitty bent on world domination and hatred of random things. He also has a cat named big Pickle who watches over Baby Kitty and makes sure she doesn't get out of line.

Rob's Collection 04'Squier 51 72'Fender Bronco 02'Fender Mustang 97'Squier Duo-Sonic

00'Squier Esquier 94'Fender Jagstang 06'Fender Mustang 96'Squier Strat

95'Hohner HW300G 05' Fender DGA1 98'Squier Musicmaster 06'epiphone wilshire

More photos and mods of Rob's guitars at choose bronze

list of mods/part replacements for these bad boys

duo sonic: dakota red, neck-MIJ mustang pickup, bridge-MIJ mustang pickup, solid black pup covers (allparts), black toggle tip, black MIJ style mustang knobs, Fender slot head tuners (compstang) retrofitted with conversion bushings (GFS)

fender mustang competition blue, neck-Seymour Duncan SJag-3n quarter pound jaguar pickup, bridge-Seymour Duncan SJag3b quarter pound jaguar pickup, brown tort pickguard (allparts), solid white pup covers, white switches, white plastic tip gohtoh slothead tuners.

fender bronco olympic white, bridge-Seymour Duncan Duckbucker, brown tort pickguard (chandler), stock knobs off a Fender PS 150 PA head.

squier 51 refinished sky blue, solid neck pickup cover (allparts), MIC squier standard telecaster neck, epiphone bridge humbucker.

squier stratocaster black, made in mexico, solid black covers (allparts), std.telecaster switch cap. 72 Bronco pickup in bridge, 94 Jagstang pickup in neck

fender mustang daphne blue, this one is staying stock

fender jagstang sonic blue, neck-Seymour Duncan SJag-1n vintage jaguar picup, bridge-Seymour Duncan JB trembucker, white solid pickup covers (allparts), white plastic tip gohtoh slothead tuners, 3rd gen bridge switch, 4th gen neck switch

squier esquier sherwood green metallic, squier fat telecaster body, squier 51 neck, bridge-overwound 10k fatboy w/Pbass poles (GFS), mint pickguard (GFS), fender pots, fender 3 way, black top hat, 2 way mini kill switch, fender slot head tuners (jagstang)

squier musicmaster sonic blue faded green from scumbag smokers i bought it from, solid white cover (allparts), 70's jazz bass knob

hohner hw300g cracked headstock repair

fender DGA1 smooth as a baby's ass

epiphone wilshire alpine white, jagstang neck humbucker, squier 51 bridge humbucker chopped and wired as a single coil, white covers and rings (allparts)

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