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"You the People's Champ right here, Shadow." - Another Aaron

Shadow is a resident of Tampa, Florida and has been a member of the Shortscale community since at least 100 years ago. An outspoken proponent of Trewth and a member of the Trewth Squad sect of the ancient order of the Tr00 Tribe, he is perhaps most famous as a veteran of the Takeover, where his highly controversial role in inciting the Tr00 Tribe to rebel and end the Era of Morlanic Oppression earned him the title of "The People's Champ." He was struck down in battle during the NSFW Assault, but his role in the war echoed until the final victory: the foundation of

Other notable roles that Shadow has had in the community include being a former moderator of the forum, having been one of the people ripped off by (and subsequently rallying for the exile of) Yun-Jinn Pequesso, and acting as a lobbyist to the administrators to stop the practice of banning.

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