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Sloan is a forum regular at the Forums and has been around since the Era of Morlanic Oppression and possibly quite sometime before.

He enjoys Rock 'N' Roll, Women, and obsessively checking messages on his Myspace page at

Sloan and The Takeover

Sloan held a somewhat neutral stance during the early stages of the Takeover, but later joined the Tr00 Tribe full force to help spread Trewth throughout the galaxy. He was a major player in the NSFW Assault which was victorious in bringing the Trewth to the forefront.

Musical Experience


Crimson Flo

Played bass in a band for with some friends and his brother on drums. It was kind of a modern-rock type thing. Eventually parted ways. Singer Tyson Leamon now sings for Hollow June which Sloan records.

"Crimson Flo"  2001-2003

The Hometown Five

Played the Nillie Bipper Arts & Crafts festival as part of the "Hometown Five" minus one member, a one-time gig blues band featuring blues harp player J. Michael Leonard from Cleveland, TN. The band was formed after an impromtu jam at an internet organized community event. It was cool.

"The Hometown Five"  2004


A short lived, but chaotic Chattanooga, TN Glam/Punk band formed in late 2005 featuring Jamie Spall on drums, Courtney Coffelt on vocals, Erikka Anarchy on transvestite bass, and Sloan Stewart on guitar. They played about three shows before disbanding. Erikka Anarchy went on to start "Erikka Anarchy's Chattanooga Hoedown" later in 2006 despite being hit in the face with a frying pan by his girlfriend.

"TYBER STRYKE"  2005 - 2006


A Classic Rock cover band formed by core members Mick Morrison and Sloan Stewart during late 2004. Mick and Sloan met each other at a Cleveland, TN music store and started working on building a large repotoire of Classic Rock songs. They soon recruited a drummer and bass player and began rehearsing for live shows. A few weeks later, they began playing out on a regular basis garnering much praise from the locals. Eventually the bass player and drummer were replaced to help take their rock assault to the next level. They are currently playing Cleveland, TN and surrounding areas and having a damn good time doing so.

Sloan's Musical Gear

Work in progress as I get pictures of everything....

Guitars, Basses, & Amplifiers

Effect Pedals


Pedalboard made with a gun case.

Recording Gear


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