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Squelching the Squealing

The microphonic feedback my guitar was producing had to be remedied. The solution: wax potting. Here's a how to:

1.) Take note of what's soldered to what. Rip out the pickups.


2.) Melt 80% paraffin 20% bee's wax in a DOUBLE BOILER!!! (You do not want to blow up your kitchen) Use a candy thermometer to keep the temperature around 150 degrees F


3.) Submerge the pickup in the wax and jiggle it a bit until there are no more bubbles floating out. (usually takes about 20 minutes)


4.) Allow pickup to cool. Wipe away excess wax from the side with the pole pieces. Stick 'em back in the guit-box.


5.) Using a plectrum, apply a downward force to the strings to create a disturbance in the magnetic field around the pole pieces thereby enabling the motion to be turned into electrical energy then subsequently sound energy. This is what is known as "Rockin' out with your cockin' out".

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