Strings updated.

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Strings updated.

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While I was demoing the GR-55 to our bassist over Jamkazam the other night I broke the top E string on the Hondo II Les Paul copy. That set has been on there long enough for the winding on the D to be in two pieces so I thought it was time to replace the set. Digging in my box of strings I found and threw away 2x Picato .007" that had gone rusty, one complete set of Rotosound Pinks and one incomplete set in paper (.009"), one set of Roto Pinks in plastic packaging, a light (.009") Rotosound 12-string set and a D'Addario .010" set with a price sticker that said $5.95. As I haven't bought strings from the USA I can only surmise that they were kindly included by one of our USA folks when I was sent something, like the Teisco tuner bushes. Thanks, the packaging has protected them and the Hondo now has a bright-sounding set of "new" strings.

So, I ought to get a backup set of 10s - UK recommendations for where to buy? It may be 10 years since I bought anything other than a set of nylon strings that may have been Gear4Music own-brands.
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Re: Strings updated.

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