Arturia limited edition NOIR MINI/DRUMBRUTES

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Arturia limited edition NOIR MINI/DRUMBRUTES

Post by ekwatts »

Arturia are releasing their grey brutes in black. That's right, you too can now say "what's that black stuff around the synthesizer?" and then answer yourself "the synthesizer" because these synths are now black. For a limited time.

They've shown off the Drumbrute Impact (but not the Drumbrute?), the Minibrutes 2 and 2S.

There's nothing new about them. They're just black. They already looked good, so these also look good. I've been thinking about buying a Minibrute 2S for a while, with an eye on a Drumbrute Impact as well. So I'd love to have them both in black, but what will likely happen is that I'll get one in one colour, and the other in another, and annoy me forever.

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Re: Arturia limited edition NOIR MINI/DRUMBRUTES

Post by Thomas »

These are cool. I had a fair bit of love for the Drumbrute and the Mini/Micro but for some reason I found myself not playing them as often as other stuff. I’m the same with Korg. I think it’s just because they’re a bit too far away from my preferred synth sound.

I sold mine a couple of years ago when I sold 90% of my gear. I always thought I’d get the Drumbrute again but when I bought a new machine I opted for the RD-8 instead as I prefer the sound of that.

I won’t lie that mini looks very tempting tho.