ONGD Strat Plus Deluxe

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ONGD Strat Plus Deluxe

Post by Thomas »

I’m steadily slipping further into Boomer territory with my recent guitar purchases. This is an Old Mew Guitar Day as I got this a couple of months ago and haven’t posted it yet. There’s a couple of others too that I’ll probably stuck in another post at a later date.

It’s a Strat Plus Deluxe from ‘93 (I think). Ebony frost finish non-original guard but this is a good quality Pickguardian effort so thus far I’ve managed to resist sticking a black guard on it. Locking tuners, roller nut, trem setter and Graphtech saddles (all of which adds up to a similar tuning experience to normal stuff 😂).

The Lace Sensors are cool as I already have a Standard vintage styled strat. They’re Red/Silver/Blue in the B/M/N. The blue is the “PAF voiced” one and the red is vintage hot so I’ll probably switch those round at some point.

I love the colour of it and managed to pick it up as part of a series of trades from a guitar I was getting rid of.
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Re: ONGD Strat Plus Deluxe

Post by Bacchus »


Those pickups sound grreeeat. To me the blue sounds P-90ish and the red PAFfey.

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Re: ONGD Strat Plus Deluxe

Post by Thom »

Very nice! I like that!
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Re: ONGD Strat Plus Deluxe

Post by Pacafeliz »

That's one of the guitars I still want to own some day. I believe it's just because of Ed, who used to play guitar in Monster Magnet.

I love the way the Lace pickups look.

But man they've been getting expensive.

I'd like one with a nicely aged/worn maple board and a white/mint guard.
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Re: ONGD Strat Plus Deluxe

Post by mickie08 »

Nice. I had a custom strat built with lace sensors. Great pickups.
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