Old Skool Rave Mixes

For all non-guitar instruments; mandolins, synths, kazoos, and anything else musical that doesn't fit elsewhere.

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Old Skool Rave Mixes

Post by Bacchus »

This has been doing the rounds on twitter.

Someone has posted up 200GB of old rave mixes.

Possibly of interest to some on here:

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Re: Old Skool Rave Mixes

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Recently got some 90s techno stuff on vinyl finally. Brings back so many memories.
Scene here in Belgium was pretty nuts too. Hunting that locally.
That and hardcore metal were my 'scenes' in the late 90s to 2005 somewhere. Lots of local stuff.
There were often these straightedge bands with their elite 'sober' lifestyles but eh.
If the music is good it didn't matter much how you showed up at the saturday bands gig after a friday night of madness for techno and vice versa.