pre-show gear peeping last night

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pre-show gear peeping last night

Post by luciguci »

i could have sworn i died and went to offset heaven last night, oh my god. i shouldve taken more gear pics. have a couple fuzzy images instead

looked like a Vox Bossman? and I wanna say a Vintera 70's Jaguar, and a Vox XII Phantom that got pulled out at the end for one of their new songs (holy SHIT it sounded sparkly. tempting me again to buy a 12 string.)

over on the left i spotted a Fender Maverick Dorado (i blacked out and next thing i knew i found myself finding it nearly immediately on google LMAO the offset autism never left me) modded with a mustang bridge, behind that was a gorgeous candy apple red Jazzmaster with a tort pickguard 🥺 (one of my top color combos for a guitar), the opener's red Jazzmaster with a really cute sparkly heart strap, and over on the farrrr right of the stage, out of view, were a Squier VM 70s Stratocaster?, and a stock Maverick Dorado with the 🤢Bigsby🤢

also bless, The Veldt's pedal boards were all boss or cheapo Zoom multi effects, nothing all that fancy. bless up
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Re: pre-show gear peeping last night

Post by Bacchus »

Cool stuff!
luciguci wrote: Thu Dec 07, 2023 12:08 am offset heaven
This sounds like the purgatory we go to when dots hasn't put money in the shortscale meter and we have to look elsewhere for our weird Fender forum hit.