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I've been teaching a bit on music tech in the school I'm at and I've had to thrown together a few tracks so that I can demo mixing. I thought I might as well link them here in case anyone has any interest or thoughts.

I've used the virtual drummer yoke in Logic Pro X on these, and Amplitube. That's really why I'm posting them, I'm a little bit amazed by how good Amplitude sounds.

Neither of these feature particularly good or interesting playing, so don' the disappointed!

Rocky Metal type thing:

Bluesy funk type thing:
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Amplitube is great. I've done recording sessions using just the twin simulation before.
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i've been using amp sims for a long time now, but haven't got around to amplitube yet. here's a mix with just about fake everything. i did not do the drums. ... pennington
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I'm a big fan of Amp Farm, which my brother In-Law assures me is "shite, compared to Amplitube" I'll get round to trying it some day.
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I've mentioned before, but I'm still really into BIAS and JamUp Pro by Positive Grid. I think these apps blow Amplitube out of the water.
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