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Stew, are you able to detail what synths you are using on the tracks you make and maybe deconstruct how you are using them/patches/etc?
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aen wrote:
lorez wrote:youtube is always your friend with these type of things. how are they working with the modular stuff?
The keys has a pair of dedicated cv/gate outputs, which is great. I had to make some cables (stereo 1/4" to dual mono 1/8") to get it going, but once I fought my way through the setup in the keys it worked like a charm. You can also send a clock out, but it's kind of a dumb clock that hits once per measure? I ended up testing it out with a multiplier to get things moving.

The RYTM also has individual outputs, and you have the option of a "pulse" output on each pad, so I used that one on my Happiness pedal, but that's all so far. Like a dumdum i loaned out both of my midi>CV converters.
stewart wrote:
aen wrote:Can we post things even if we're not Stewart?
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Thanks, man. I flipped a LOT of other stuff, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. We'll see how the show goes, then I'll know for sure.
i must admit to being slightly frightened by modular stuff, i'm worried that if i start i'll end up blowing THOUSANDS on it and/or end up selling my other synths to pay for it, and i don't want to do that. i keep thinking, "maybe just a clouds, a basimilus iteritas alter, a wasp filter and a couple of VCOs and that would be all i need" but i've heard enough friends exclaiming modular is like a crack addiction that i think i should just steer clear.

good to see you've held onto your coronado :wink:
lorez wrote:Stew, are you able to detail what synths you are using on the tracks you make and maybe deconstruct how you are using them/patches/etc?
uh, my problem is i never finish anything so i don't really have any recordings worth posting. the only finished/online track from the new damn teeth album just has a sequenced bass station and a casio organ sound on it, but there's a LOT of juno 106* on the other tracks, quite a bit of MS20, and i even managed to squeeze in FM synths once or twice. i borrowed a CV modded Korg 700S from a friend and we did some sequencing with it (sounds gnarly as hell) and a few other bits and bobs. great ring mod and the filter on it is really nice.

*i think the versatility of the 106 is why it ends up being used so much. it has some weak spots like limited modulation and it's easy to get stuck in tonal 'sameyness' sometimes but if you like the sound it's fantastic. during the recording sessions for that DT album my MKS30 was out of action, and programming the alpha juno was a bit of a hassle (i didn't have the external programmer for it at that point- we did use it on a few tracks though, especially the hoover sound) so the 106 was the go-to synth a lot of the time. i haven't really had a chance to play with the MKS30 much (rack version of a JX3P), it has the same voice chips as the 106 with all the headaches that go with them, and has only ever worked briefly in the time i've had it. it's in for repair now though and i've got a new set of analogue renaissance voice chips for the 106, which will free up some spares for the MKS until i can get another set of AR chips for that. total pain in the arse...
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