Left handers who play right handed guitars

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Sold an lefty guitar a while ago, but keep doing my experiment drumming generic rhythm patterns with my left hand on the side of my chair every so often and it actually helps. The progress is slow and my hand gets tired quickly and becomes sloppy, but I can see and feel the difference. That was about me masturbating by the way. Strumming also gets a wee better
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Yep - changed from left handed to playing right hand guitar left handed. That's why i thought a short scale would help as better access to higher frets when your E is nearest fllor and e is nearest your face
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I never saw this thread originally. But yeah, I'm a lefty that plays righthanded because I learned on my older brothers guitars, which were right handed. But he's also a lefty, but he started playing in the 80s and there was no way my mum and dad were gonna go round trying to find a left handed instrument for him.

I've thought about whether it was ever an advantage or disadvantage for either of us. Hes the best guitarist I've ever personally known and I'm a bit shit.

So I dont think it makes any difference at all in the long run. It evens out

Anyway, as i understand it, left handers can learn to do right handed stuff relatively easy while right handers find it harder to adapt. It would be interesting to make a comparison between lefties that play righty to righties that play lefty but that will never happen because you simply won't find enough of the latter to be able to perform a proper scientific comparison.

So, no, I don't think it's important at all.
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