Recording setup tips/suggestions

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Recording setup tips/suggestions

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I asked this on Facebook, but, hey, you guys are a wealth of information, so I should ask you too.

I'm looking to start doing a little bit of home recording; music demos, possible podcasts, and the like. What do you suggest for a mic pre/mixer, Mic/instrument DAC, and the like to get audio into my Macs and/or iPad Pro. I've got software like GarageBand, Adobe Audition CS6, and Audacity on the Mac, and Ferrite on iOS for learning mixing/DAW, but need a good way to get audio in (once I have mics). Being able to run instruments direct would be nice, but I'm also interested in micing amps and acoustics. On the potential podcasting front, I want at least two XLR inputs for mics, though up to 4 would be beneficial.
I'm running an iMac 5k, and a 13" retina MacBook Pro, so a couple USB3.0 ports, and Thunderbolt 2 ports to play with; no USB-C.

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