Fantasy Sports Bingo!

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Fantasy Sports Bingo!

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We believe sports are played by with our hearts and not by numbers. We laugh and cry along with our favorite team’s rise and fall.
What if there was a fantasy sports game that allowed you to focus on the matchups you care about?
Allowing you to focus on what’s most important and your dedication to rewarding you.

Introducing RankingBall: Fantasy Sports Bingo!

Single-match fantasy is finally here and it comes with a new way to play. The rules are similar to the fantasy games you’re used to playing, but with a twist. Your entire line up is placed onto a grid where each player is assigned their own tile. Anytime your player scores a fantasy point, it’s tile on the grid gets lit. When all tiles in a line are lit, you get a bingo bonus which is added to your total score. After that, the grid resets so you can feel the excitement again and again throughout the entire match.

Choose the matches that you care about. Play single-match fantasy contest.

We know that you’re only interested in a few matches when it’s game day, so how about a fantasy sports game that reflects that.
RankingBall allows you to pick and play the matchups you want in this single-match format.
No need to spend hours on end researching the entire league. When the match ends, you’ll instantly be able to see your results.

Points are earned in real time. What you see is what you get.

Like all fantasy games, whenever a player in your team performs an action, that data is converted into points and added simultaneously to your total.
Don’t have time to watch the game? RankingBall has you covered as your match update feed is streamed to you in real-time on your phone or computer, that way you don’t miss out on the action. You’ll feel like you’re in the stadium as all match feeds are animated in 3D right in our game!

Play against users worldwide with the RBG Token

RankingBall has expanded its services all around the world and we needed currency to reflect that. That’s why we issued our own game token called RBG, which is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. Supply is limited for this token, so the more people that join RankingBall, the higher the token’s value will get. RBG is scheduled to be listed on major coin exchanges in early 2019. Now’s a great time to secure your share. RankingBall also supports the US Dollar in the US market.

RankingBall’s RBG token will soon be listed and sold on the world’s leading exchange platform, CoinBene, starting February 14.

Trusted Members

Established in 2014, RankingBall built its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California to provide real-time Game Platform for the sports and esports market.
Its founders have more than 20 years of successful business experience in the field of FinTech, Games, and Entertainment in the U.S. and Korean market.
RankingBall Inc. has secured investments from the following trusted VCs: Intervest, P&I Investment, Union of Technology & Capital, and MAGELLAN Technology Investment. They successfully completed their ICO in June 2018.
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what in the hell
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How do we mark it as spam?
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westtexasred wrote:How do we mark it as spam?
Pour beer on it.
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Before you ban hammer I need to see his other 2 posts!!
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How ironic to see NickS tell him "it all depends on what your input is going to be" now :lol:
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