Replacement tuners for Fender CP Jaguar HH

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Replacement tuners for Fender CP Jaguar HH

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I would like to replace the stock "Vintage Style" tuners on my Classic Player Jaguar HH with a set of high-quality direct replacement locking tuners. The stock tuners look identical to the vintage Kluson style tuners found on the American Original series, but I believe the gears are made of plastic instead of metal?

I prefer NOT to do any drilling or routing on my headstock.

I have read that there are sometimes compatibility issues with replacement tuners because of U.S. vs. metric measurements and that sometimes the posts or bushings can be either too big or too small?

I assume the pegholes and bushings are metric sized on a CP Jag?

Any ideas for direct replacement locking tuners?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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I believe import Fenders use Ping brand for vintage style tuners and US Fender use Gotoh... this at least was how it was in the '00s, Squier CV may have used Ping as well or something cheaper by now as you can get vintage Kluson ripoffs for peanuts that aren't terrible... so I don't believe there actually is a metric compatibility issue on reissues because the tuners are all Asian now.

I have had a discrepancy with pegs and bushings of a different manufacture, likely because I was putting AllParts vintage repro Kluson-style tuners on a CIJ Jag. The pegs wouldn't quite clear the guitar's stock ferrules and the ones it came with were a very tight fit in the headstock's pegholes. I think with vintage US stuff you'll see the most discrepancy.

Gotoh make a lot of Kluson-style locking tuners to retrofit guitars that had vintage style tuners.
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