Roland JU-06A

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Roland JU-06A

Post by Nick »

I need to stop :oops:

Not 10 minutes after I bought the Cyclone II last night, my friend's shop replied to my question on facebook that this was in fact still available. So I raided my parts bin and extra pedals and brought in a bunch of trades on my lunch break today - got a very fair deal on this, and it makes me feel a little better about that bad HS-60 I got from Guitar Center last year.

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Post by BearBoy »

Nice. I've got the JU-06, which is great, but I think the JU-06A is generally regarded to be an improvement.
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Post by Thom »

Congrats! I’ve got the JX-03. Enjoy!

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Post by Bacchus »


I've had a long term of a JU-2 (a Juno Alpha) that I've not really made good use of at all.
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Post by lorez »

ive a few modules based on the these in my eurorack. love their sounds
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