Project: Fender Shell Pink Mustang

Painting? Routing? Set-up tips? Or just straight-up making a guitar from scratch? Post here, and post pics!

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Project: Fender Shell Pink Mustang

Post by dragonfly66 »

About to do this:
  • HH pickguard
    Bare Knuckle The Mule (unpotted) set
    Tele half bridge
    Concentric pots
I got The Mule set for an SG that I ended up selling. These pickups are supposed to sound good with an Alder body so figured I'd try it with my only Alder guitar. I'm not a fan of the Mustang pickups anyway so no love loss there. The other changes were just my imagination. I'll probably knock the shine down on the guitar to have a more lived-in look.

I'm not sure at the moment if the tele half bridge will work for the string spacing so will have to check that out. I'm also going to make a cardboard HH pickguard to make sure the string spacing over the pickups is good before venturing any further.