A personal favour

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A personal favour

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Hi guys, I could do with some help. I’ve been having various conversations about the internet/social media/safety etc. with my daughter Amelie recently, and we agreed to try and do an experiment. Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook will probably be sick of seeing my weekly videos, if you haven’t blocked them already! But, since last April/May during our first lockdown I’ve been uploading a one take video of a song every Friday, just me and my acoustic. I’ve added them to my YouTube account, just to store them and share with my parents as they are not on FB. Anyway, they get a handful of views, and it’s never been about that, but Amelie and I would like to see what impact on traffic it has if more people like your channel or like your videos or comment. So, as embarrassing as this is, if you could take the time to like my channel, like a video or comment, even just for a month or two it would be really appreciated. Going to cross post this in the Pub and Whore House. Thanks, Thom.