MIJ Fender Strat Help!

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MIJ Fender Strat Help!

Post: # 1417893Post torchindy »

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted on the board. I need a little advice from people with more MIJ Fender knowledge than me. This forum has always seemed to be very pro-MIJ so I thought I’d ask here first.

I found a guitar store with a 1994 mij foto-flame ST-62 strat with the best neck I’ve ever played (even despite worn frets). Feels like it was made specifically for my hand. What’s the value like on these? They have it listed at $899 Canadian (~$720 US) and it’ll need a fret level or refret at some point, and probably either paint or replace the body because the black foto-flame is hideous. That’s how hooked I am on the neck, I can overlook the terrible body paint.

It’s really the neck I’m after. Are the necks pretty consistent on these? Should I wait for one that isn’t foto-flame? Is the price good/bad/pretty on point?

thanks guys, I don’t know much about MIJ!
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Based on current MIJ prices in the UK it’s a good price I reckon.

Find something similar on reverb or just standard ST62 prices for comparison.
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Post: # 1417904Post Thom »

Yeah seems like a decent price. I know what you mean about the MIJ strat necks, they are just great.
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One of my all time favorite necks was a Vista Series Jagmaster.
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Post: # 1417925Post Nick »

My MIJ Strat neck is pretty great, really narrow at the nut (40mm). That price seems good
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A few years ago, I would have said it's overpriced. But really the prices on old MIJ/CIJ stuff are skyrocketing. The standard MIJ Strat or Jazzmaster is no longer being made. Now Fender Japan has the "traditional 60s" model, the "hybrid" model, and a few others I believe... at $1200-1500 new. I think $700-750 USD for an MIJ Strat is reasonable.

If you like MIJ necks, you should go for it. I really loved the necks on my Jag-Stang and Vista Jagmaster. Should have kept both of those guitars :cry:
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Warning: I am talking solely as my collector personality, not as a player here. So if you find a lovely "player" or whatever, feel free to ignore.

But, one thing to be aware of with japanese Fenders is the original price and what it indicates. It can be viewed as a a part of the model designation. e.g. ST62-55.

ST = stratocaster
62 = styling (rosewood fretboard, sixties cosmetics)
55 = original rrp in thousands of yens (can be tricky due to changing currency rates and stuff, these range from ~30 to ~160)

But (and heres more collector-oriented so-called-facts)

I tend to first find the original model designation. In this age of internet shopping, checking neck pockets is not always possible. There are ways, though.
1. Get good pics and serial (letters and first number should do it)
2. Find Fender Japan catalog from relevant years
3. Find one that matches hardware, colours etc
4. Take the yen-number and multiply by 10
5. You have a price bracket approximate of modern instruments it "competes with" in pounds

ST62-35 would match a classic vibe. ST62-115 would match american Fender models, and so on.

Ones with lower numbers can be wonderful instruments. It does not mean you should pay big money for one, if a dearer model can be had for just a few bob more or even at the same price. I have often seen Fenders for sale with only "MIJ" as a model designation, even when Fender Japan sold instruments in every price category. I will gladly help with identification, catalogues and such, just post pics.

The latest models have different systems and serials on the headstock, of those I dont know anything.

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