Mastery Bridge lolz

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Doog wrote:What about the Mastery design makes the behind-the-bridge noise different?

Face it- we all have our biases and justifications for them, and they're rarely consistent. It's all part of the stupid, mush-brained, human experience, innit?
Its not the mastery bridge really. Its the fact the mastery or staytrem allows for a lower bridge/no shim so there is less break angle and less tension behind the bridge so you get more of the sympathetic noise behind the bridge. I noticed it when I had a tom style roller bridge on my Jaguar for a while.

Its obviously always part of the offset bridge/trem quirky design but it can be very overpowering with a lower bridge I have found. For that Nirvana cover we did I had to stuff tissue under the strings to stop it as it became all I could hear when recording. It took me a minute to realise the connection to a lower bridge.

On this video I didn't change anything with shims or anything with each bridge so the mastery ended up pretty high and the problem wasn't there.
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