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paul_ wrote:
NickS wrote:30 Ls? Sounds like one hell of a bargain.
If only... this giant toy costs $1200/£1300
Nearer 1KL (kilolitre) in practise, but yeah
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Doog wrote:
paul_ wrote:
NickS wrote:30 Ls? Sounds like one hell of a bargain.
If only... this giant toy costs $1200/£1300
Nearer 1KL (kilolitre) in practise, but yeah
That’s a lot of volume… I’ll see myself out
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been out of town most of the month but wanted to chime in on this thread.

I have the tonemaster Deluxe Reverb. Weighs 23lbs. My guitarist recommended it after using one on a session (he is picky as hell and his stage amps are a 64 and a 68 deluxe... )

Great amp. super light. Plenty of volume. Usable DI and attenuator. It doesn't sound 100% exactly like a vintage deluxe but it is 95% there and that other 5% isn't a bad thing, just a different thing.

For gigging musicians these are great amps that are more reliable than the vintage tube models and make load in and load out pretty damned easy.
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Van Thieves Thwarted by Band's Insistence on Using Peavey, Epiphone Gear

DENVER � Tooth Rust, a punk band on their first nationwide tour, was spared from robbery yesterday because of their Peavey, Epiphone, and other undesirable brands of equipment, the relieved band confirmed.

“What a waste of time. We’ve been scoping this venue for days, ready to rob one of these chump bands blind,� said a crestfallen Skyler Merrick, one of the would-be burglars. “But we never considered the possibility that a touring band might use cheap, unsellable gear that even a high school music department would reject. Imagine how our hearts sank upon seeing Peavey Valveking heads, sweat-soaked Epiphone Les Pauls, and a shit-ton of Behringer pedals. Behringers are barely worth the raw materials they’re made of.�

“It’s difficult days like this that make me question my childhood dreams of stealing from small-time bands,� lamented Merrick.

Tooth Rust’s rhythm guitarist and vocalist Marky Benn defended his band’s gear choices.

“Well, sorry if we don’t have rich parents like a lot of the bands in our scene. This is the best we could afford, and we actually like our gear,� argued Benn. “Peaveys are cheap and easy to fix, and no one can tell the difference between a Behringer and a Strymon reverb when cranked in a piss-soaked bar basement. So get over yourselves.�

“But in a big picture sort of way, it woulda been nice if someone did run off with all our shit,� admitted bassist Krya Farth. “We could’ve had a Kickstarter and finally get real Gibsons and Mesa/Boogie heads and JHS pedals. That’s why I left the van unlocked in the first place.�
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I wrote this article for HT
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