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I only shell out for flats, just like the bumper sticker says.

Expensive bass strings are bullshit. I'm convinced, as with most things I don't understand, that it's just a front for Scientology.

When I need a set of rounds for bass I just find the cheapest unpackaged set on Amazon or Wish and wait patiently for 3 months while they ship via Voyage of the Mimi class freight, then I sit on them for months waiting for that one occasion where I want to hear a Jazz Bass with rounds on it to present itself. Needless to say the experiment also must factor in the price of a nice set of flats to put straight back on it again afterward.

I have roundwounds on my Epiphone EB-3 but that's only because it was the most recent bass I bought. It turns out I like roundwounds now that I can actually play bass, and should probably just have bought two identical sunburst Squier JBs with a set of each (tort guard on the flatwound bass, white for the roundwounds). Maybe after that big dystopian California earthquake we've been hearing about since the early '90s ruins my whole life I can cheer myself up by immediately starting to think about buying 2 new Squier basses down the ol' Guitar Center.
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plopswagon wrote:There is such a critter known as half rounds which I currently have on my p-bass, worst of both worlds (which means I love ‘em)
Haha. I've got half rounds on my Jaguar bass too. Like you say, probably the worst of both worlds in some respects but I like them :D
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