Andertons now own (part of) Burns

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Andertons now own (part of) Burns

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Re: Andertons now own (part of) Burns

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I was literally just heading into the forum to talk about this.

There have been... issues behind the scenes for quite some time.

I knew about the sale of the company last year, but I didn't realise Andertons were a part of it. It was kind of worrying; it looked like Burns hadn't really been doing anything for quite a few years, with popular models falling out of production. They were releasing some new stuff but none of the new models were making it into guitar magazines or making a big splash. Which was a bit of a shame, as the "new" models were actually pretty nice. There was a new Bison model with three P90-shaped pickups, as well as two limited Marquee models with batwing headstocks, called the MR2 and MR3, that had either two bladed humbuckers or two bladed humbuckers and a middle singlecoil. They came in either all black or all white.

But yeah, they sort of sank without a trace and it really looked in 2019 like the company had mostly gone silent. That long, slow decline you sometimes see in smaller companies. The website hadn't really changed for something like 15 years, it had had new models added to it or older models taken off it, but in a kind of cack-handed way where it was kind of obvious that they didn't really know what they were doing with it.

So hopefully this is really good news for the brand.
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