Korg Volca FM 2: The Sequel

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Korg Volca FM 2: The Sequel

Post by ekwatts »

The FM has had an all-round upgrade similar to the Volca Sample. It's gone from an original polyphony of 3 to 6, gained velocity sensitivity (when played with a controller keyboard), has doubled its presets from 32 to 64, now has a reverb effect that, I think, has parameters that can be controlled, has midi in AND out (although accessed via TRS converter dongles that aren't included), has expanded arpeggiator functions, and, to top it all off, now has turquoise LEDs for the text display and sequencer, replacing the red ones.

So that's pretty cool. Now I just gotta find someone to buy my original (vintage?) FM so I can grab the upgrade.
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